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R. K. Sutar, the founder of Divya Vastu is a well known name in the field of Vastu Consultancy. Since 1997, Celebrity Vastu Consultant RK Sutar is known for his accurate predictions and powerful remedies. When it comes to Vastu, RK Sutar of India is named with full credibility.

OK, So Why R. K. Sutar

It is often seen that the same two houses, the same direction, the same map, the same design and the same shape, but the results are different for the people living in both houses. Not only this riddle has been solved by RK Sutar, but he has also invented a specific process by which if a building is built or corrected according to certain hidden rules of Vastushastra, then problems of such people living or doing business in the building, are also solved miraculously which were not even imagined before. RK Sutar has named this process as 'Designer Vastu' just like of 'Designer Baby'. On the basis of Designer Vastu, Vastu can be authentically customized for a particular person. Now his job is not just to give map to his clients or give suggestions for the same, but RK Sutar also decide the foundation point, pattern of excavation, floor level, interior, exteriors and allocation of rooms, different machines or different materials. RK Sutar says that Vastu is a scientific method and should be used in a similar way. It's implementation on the basis of beliefs, misconceptions and assumptions can be very harmful. At the beginning, RK Sutar had not any faith in Vastu, but due to the study from the critical point of view and the passion to find the scientific reason behind every rule of Vastu, proved to be a boon for him. Now he says that Vastushastra is not a science but a super science as the collection of finest aspects of all the branches of science like Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Yogshastra, Astrology, Music etc is Vastushastra. He further says: "Making money is necessary for me too but there is no reason to earn sins. My work can bring positive changes in people's lives and this fact motivates me to work honestly". For R K Sutar, Vastu is not only a profession but a campagn to improve the lives of people. According to him, more than Vastu principles, people better to know about Vastu related misconceptions. That's why You can read his Vastu related articles and columns time to time in various reputed news papers. His vastu talks have been broadcasted from Radio NRI, London Veteran BBC broadcaster Mr. Vijay Rana is editor of Radio NRI. Hindi daily Prabhat Khabar has published his weekly Vastu Column in it's all seven editions. Earlier he has written popular weekly column Vastu Vision in reputed hindi daily Dainik Bhaskar (Bikaner Edition) for five years. Dainik Dabang Dunia, Punjab Kesri and other national newspapers have also published his vastu related columns and articles. First India TV channel has telecasted his regular TV shows while All India Radio and 92.7 Big FM have also broadcasted his several Vastu talks and intervies. He has served a wide range of celebrity and corporate clients in India and abroad.

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