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Commercial Vastu

Our Approch

“Making money is necessary for me too but there is no reason to earn sins. I know that My work can bring positive changes in people's lives and this fact motivates me to work honestly"…… R K Sutar

Our outer personality decides our performance at our working site like office, school, showroom, Mall etc. First of all R K Sutar like to check what’s the purpose of that office space and why it’s not being fulfilled. R. K. Sutar try best to know root causes of commitment failures, non supportive staff, system breakdown at crucial moments, habit of procrastination etc because all these things decide whether someone will get or will not get success, fame, goodwill, growth and money. After examining all such problems and related Vastu flaws, it becomes possible how to set right poor performing offices on the path of success and growth with a joyful working environment. This way he has designed offices for various Business Houses, Companies, Professionals, Politicians, Builders etc.

Consultry Stages

Divya Vastu follows a systematic method to diagnose the root cause of the problems.

Understanding the client:

We first understand your concerns and how they are unique by having a detailed discussion on the nature of your work.

Site Visit: 

R K Sutar visits your site and notes down all the activities being carried out in your premises such as sales & marketing, manufacturing process & production (in case of manufacturing units), inventory & quality controls, Procurement, business support functions like HR, IT, Finance & Accounts etc. on a to-the-scale layout of your workplace.

Whether you want to build a new venture as per Vastu or get the Vastu correct of an already established enterprise such as office, school, showroom, hotel etc. we will request you to share a list of construction related requirements as well as certain information related to owners and workers. In this process we get to know the level of physical and mental health, nature and nature of the working people, such as self-confidence, anger, introvert or extrovert, anxiety, interest in actions, etc. If the premises are old then by inspecting the building, most of your problems are told by R K Sutar himself. Whether the building is already built or new, a careful collection of these information is necessary to customize Vastu specifically for you. Most people fall prey to the misconception that only two-dimensional map as per Vastu, is complete Vastu. In fact, it is just a small part of the process of applying the entire Vastu. The process started by purchasing the plot and goes on to internal and external paint. Vastu results not only depend on the two dimensional map but also the shape of the plot, direction orientation, direction deflection, foundation excavation, foundation filling and Vastu process of masonry, slop of the floor, interior and exterior decoration etc. are also very important.

DivyaVastu Guideline: 

The truth is that even after following above process, there are many causal and irreversible tasks that cannot be shown in the map to follow the entire vastu and get the best results. Which side should the wife sleep in the bedroom, which melody should be heard to calm the anger or solve any other problem, on which wall clock should be put on, which color will be suitable in the room cannot be displayed in the map. There may also be many Vastu suggestions aur prohibitions for people living or working in a particular building that cannot be displayed on the map. R K Sutar provides you a separate written report for all this along with detailed analysis of the findings, Remedies, Suggestions and amendment in map if required. We recommend you ideal locations in your unit for various activities and sitting of staff and officers related to different departments. We suggest relocation in accordance to the zones. If not possible, a remedial solution is devised to ensure optimum utilisation of resources. In case of new setup, we help you design your office, showroom, school etc as per Vastu principles which ensures all the above-mentioned contexts are taken care off. We help you envision and set the goals by identifying the most powerful spot for the Head of the organization along with that of all the department heads.

Get Remedies

Please watch this Video of R K Sutar to know more about how Vastu is specially customized for you without any extra expense and without sabotage. Please read this article of R K Sutar to know about the truth of Vastu without sabotage.

Since 1997, R K Sutar has helped a great number of industrial units and business groups for various issues ranging from cash flows & liquidity, production, quality control, sales, distribution, branding, labour & legal hassles, problem from government authorities, banking support etc. DivyaVastu through its Vastu services has given a grand success to many of the business houses.

Fee & Contact

Depending upon various factors and our scope of services, we will quote the consulting charges before commencement of the project.

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