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"Marriage and new building decide our future. Anyone can build a beautiful building but only Vastu Shastra can guarantee to live happy or business successfully."

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Result oriented performance since 1997

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Vastu Without Sabotage

The material sold in the name of Vastu without sabotage has taken the form of a new business. Most people selling these materials have become very rich while most buyers feel cheated after some time.

Everyone wants that he gets full benefit of Vastu without sabotage and many books related to this are also seen occasionally. Business in the name of Vastu without sabotage and people's compulsion to avoid sabotage has formed an alliance in which the two sides have become dependent on each other. This trend has the disadvantage of both Vastu Shastra and people who have faith in it. This situation made me think that while Vastushastra has been a complete science since ancient times, then there must have been some authentic methods that will give good results and relief without any extra expense and do not have to be sabotaged. After many years of brainstorming, experience and research, what has come out is amazing. For the past few years my clients have been geting amazing good results by using those methods, with no additional expense.

Before going into the detailed discussion about this, I would also like to say that there is a limit in the result of Vastu Remedies do....Read More

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Free Services

  • Martyr's Family

    Every type of Vastu Consultancy service is available completely free for the

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  • Offices of Central & State Governments

    For the buildings of the government of India & state governments, Every

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  • Religious & Public Buildings

    All type of Vastu Services for religious and public places related to

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  • Inspirational People

    We provide free Vastu guidance to a select few who have set

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“Since 2014 Under guidance of Mr. Suthar, Our Manufacturing Processes and organizational working have become very smooth and easy. He has implemented customised Vastu for our requirements resulting into very Positive Business Goals.

Deepak Agarwal

MD, Bikaji Foods International
“Mr Sutar is an authority on Vastu. He is extremely practical in his approach and gives solutions that are implementable and gives desired results.

Yogesh Chaudhary

MD, Jaipur Rugs Co.


MD, S D P Industry Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
“We were facing many problems including financial crisis. After the Vastu according changes, Now the sun is shining. I cannot believe how Our lives have miraculously changed. I am deeply grateful for his guidance.

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